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Lupagen works with biopharma companies combining their transgene product or novel targets with our Side CAR-T® delivery system to develop first-in-class extracorporeal cell & gene therapies.  Our proprietary delivery technology, including devices, kits and nanoparticle formulations, is available via contract development and supply agreements on a non-exclusive basis. 

​Lupagen's technology can simplify, enable, and improve a wide range of cell & gene therapies involving peripheral blood cells including lymphocytes, monocytes and hematopoietic stem cells including, but not limited to the following therapy types:

CAR/TCR-based cell therapies (T-Cell,

NK Cell, Macrophage) 

Gene Therapy

(Gene Editing)

Targeted Drug Delivery (Immunosuppression, Autoantigens) 

Other non-viral

Please feel free to contact us for more information if you are a biopharma company or academic institution looking for effective alternatives to ex vivo and in vivo cell & gene therapy delivery and need to:

  • Mitigate biodistribution and immunogenicity challenges

  • Enable redosing

  • Lower manufacturing costs and complexity

  • Broaden treatable patient population and access

  • Avoid chemotherapy preconditioning regiments

  • Shorten vein-to-vein treatment time

  • Accelerate pathway to the clinic

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